Baby has a heartbeat!

We had an appointment today and were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time!  Wow!  What a touching moment.  Hearing the heartbeat just makes the pregnancy feel so much more real because it’s like actual proof that there is a living being inside of me!

We really like our doctor, but since I plan to have a natural birth, we told him that we would like to have a midwife as well.  We are lucky that the center where my doctor practices also employs two Certified Nurse Midwives, both of whom I have heard great things about.  Throughout the rest of the pregnancy, we will meet with our midwife and she will consult with the doctor if there are any complications or concerns.  She will be present during delivery, which is important to me because I feel more comfortable delivering naturally  knowing I will have the assistance of a midwife.

My decision to deliver naturally is not one that took a lot of consideration.  I really want to be able to feel the whole process and I have faith that my body was made for this and that it will do its job.  I am, however, flexible.  I understand that issues and complications can arise and I certainly won’t be opposed to talking about other options with the doctor if an issue comes up.  I am just hoping that everything goes as it should and that I can have a natural birth.

My husband and I are reading a book about the Bradley Method to prepare ourselves and we plan to take childbirth classes as well.

Any other preparation suggestions from moms who have delivered naturally?


Happy New Year!

With a new year comes the slew of “resolutions” that everyone seems to set.  This year, my resolution is to exercise more.  Cliche and boring, right?  Yeah, I know.  I considered the possibility that it may not even be blog worthy, but I changed my mind because it’s a unique goal for me. I’ve never had much of a problem getting motivated to go for  walk or do some other form of exercise.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m certainly not “hardcore” about working out, but when the weather is nice it’s rare if I go more than a few days without doing some kind of exercise.  I feel GREAT when I’m in an exercise routine (which usually consists of long, brisk walks) — I have more energy,  feel happier, and have a more positive self-image.

However, since I became pregnant, I have not exercised once.  That’s right…almost 11 weeks of pretty much no physical activity.  I have read a million times how important it is to exercise and stay fit during pregnancy, especially if you plan to deliver naturally, which I do (more about that later).  So why have I been slacking off?  Because I’m SO TIRED all the time!  (Well, the cold weather doesn’t help either.)  I know that pregnancy is going to make me tired.  I mean, I’m growing a human – that’s hard work!  However, I’m convinced that part of the reason I feel so tired is actually due to the fact that I haven’t been exercising.  It’s a vicious cycle: too tired to exercise = not exercising = being even more tired.

So, I’m making it my goal in the new year to exercise more regularly!  I just need to do it.  I started today by taking a (much shorter than normal) walk outside.  Yes, it was cold, but I felt so good afterwards!  Plus, exercise is great for both me and the baby.  Check out these benefits:

For mom:  more energy, better sleep, less discomfort, reduced stress, childbirth preparation, and less time to get body back after birth.

For baby: better heart functioning before and after birth, less cranky during infancy and less likely to have colic, greater scores (tested at age 5) in oral language and motor skills.

Are there any other pregnant moms out there who want to join me?!