About this blog

My husband and I have our first baby on the way and we could not possibly be more excited!  I have always had a strong passion for working with infants and toddlers and I am currently working toward my Master’s degree in early childhood education.  I have five years of experience working with children ages zero to three and can’t wait to have my own baby!

Through this blog, I will track the progress of my pregnancy while providing information about pregnancy, emotions and feelings new parents face, and fetal development.  I will discuss safety issues for pregnant mothers and infants, controversial parenting topics, child development, and more!

After my baby is born, you can follow my blog to read about my feelings on being a first time mom and how it may be different than or similar to what I imagine.   As my baby grows and develops, I will use him or her as an example to help explain child development as it emerges in my own child.  You will get to follow my baby as it accomplishes each developmental milestone (big or small), learn what each accomplishment means for a baby, and understand how to enhance your own child’s development through love, positive guidance, activities, and developmentally appropriate interactions.

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