Ending my hiatus

Well, I disappeared from the blogosphere for a while, but I’m back!  Here’s a rundown of my life since the last time I posted and I hope it will help you understand why I’ve been MIA for so long (like….for an entire year…).

– We began and completed a major addition/remodel to our home.  Don’t do this while you’re pregnant. Did you read that?  Read it again.  Don’t EVER do this while. you. are. pregnant.  If you want to know more about why to avoid a remodel when you’re pregnant, I’m sure my husband can give you more than a few good reasons.

– I survived the third trimester of my pregnancy in temperatures over 100 degrees…elephant ankles and all.  Oh, man.  The swelling was horrible.  I cried many times out of concern that my ankles were never going to return to normal.  They did, in case you’re wondering.  Enduring a summer pregnancy deserves some kind of major prize.  Oh.  I guess that brings me to the next event…

-I had a BABY!!  Stella was born on July 23rd, weighing in at exactly 9 pounds and measuring 21 inches long.  Definitely worth suffering all of my pregnancy woes times a billion.  What an absolutely indescribable feeling.  I fall more in love with my sweet girl every single day and I will forever be humbled, amazed, honored, and grateful that God trusted me to be her mommy.

Here’s a newborn pic.  Isn’t she just adorable?

– So, I had Stella in July and….BAM! It’s four months later. You know all of those cliché things that parents say, like, “She’s growing so fast!” “Where has the time gone?!” “It’s going by so quickly!”  Yeah.  All of that.  I thought those things were just things people said to make conversation.  Nope.  Truth.

Anyway.  I’m back to blogging now and I’m super excited to get back into my writing groove and back to why I started this blog.  Except that part about using it to track my pregnancy progress, talk about pregnancy, blah, blah, blah.  I definitely failed at that. In my defense, I was very busy eating cookie dough (don’t worry – no eggs!), making decisions about the house remodel, changing my mind and changing it back again, and sitting on the couch with my feet up, the thermostat set at 55 degrees and every fan in the house blowing on me in multiple (failed) attempts to ward off the elephant ankles.  So, just skip to the third paragraph in that “why I started this blog” link and we’ll all be on the same page.


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