Oh, hello energy – I’ve missed you!

Until a few days ago, I hadn’t had a drop of energy since before Christmas.  It was beginning to become rather depressing.  I knew that pregnancy was going to make me tired, but I had no idea it would be to that extent!  I hardly even cooked a meal between the time I became pregnant and last week.  I wasn’t motivated to exercise.  I didn’t even bother to clean the house (don’t judge me).  So, not only was I tired and lazy, but add to that the guilt I felt from not eating very healthy and not exercising, plus pregnancy hormones, and my house being in somewhat of a state of disaster, and I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to be too fond of being pregnant.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, BAM!  My energy is back!  I want to bake, I’ve motivated myself to clean house, healthy foods sound tasty again, I’ve been exercising, and I even gave the dog a bath! Yay!  I don’t think I could have taken it any longer.  I hear the lack of energy will return later though, so I’m trying to enjoy it while I have it.

Maybe it’s because I know it won’t last, or maybe it’s due to the fact I’ve basically been in a state of laziness for three months, but now that my energy is back, I want everything to be done and I want it done now!  Mostly, I want the baby’s room put together and finished.  We need to paint the walls, get a crib, fix up some furniture, find a dresser or buffet to double as a changing table and probably paint it, and DECORATE!  After all, we only have like six months to do everything!  Okay, okay…by “we” I really mean “my husband.”  I can’t paint the room when I’m pregnant and I’m certainly not handy when it comes to fixing things (I wish I was!)…so that leaves my wonderful, helpful, patient, willing husband!  But, I’m sure I’ll be up to the decorating part 😉

Other things I’ve been obsessing over: organizing the cabinets, cleaning out my closet, de-cluttering every room of the house.  Is this what they call “nesting?”  I don’t know why, but I really hate that term and I hate it even more now that it might apply to me.

Yet, here I am…nesting.  *Cringe*


One thought on “Oh, hello energy – I’ve missed you!

  1. People made the 3rd trimester sound horrible but I still felt great and never really got to the point of being sick of being pregnant. May you be just as lucky!

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