The End of Trimester #1

This week, I will be 13 weeks pregnant, which means we are free and clear of the first trimester!  The risk of miscarriage decreases significantly after the first trimester, so I feel like this is sort of a pregnancy “milestone!”

I’m also excited because the baby can start to hear sounds within the next several weeks and shortly after that, I will also be able to feel it moving inside of me.  Right now, even after hearing the heartbeat, I worry and wonder if the baby is growing (as do many pregnant women, I’m sure).  I think feeling the baby move will not only be fun and exciting, but also very reassuring for me.  I’m excited for what the next few months have in store!  Bring on trimester #2 🙂

Here are pictures of me at weeks 6 and 10:Image

If you’re looking at the photo above and thinking, “Aw, she’s already showing a little at 6 weeks pregnant,” well…I hate to break it to you, but you’re very wrong.  That’s definitely not a baby bump. As much as it pains me to admit, I’m pretty sure it’s just fat that’s always been there.  Now I just have an excuse for it 😉  Just thought I had better throw that out there before someone commented on it and unintentionally insulted the pregnant lady.  No one wants that…which my husband can attest to.


I don’t see much of a difference between 6 weeks and 10, but I know a rapidly growing belly is likely in store for me now!   Like I said, bring on the second trimester!


3 thoughts on “The End of Trimester #1

  1. Cute, Nanci! Your “disclaimer” made me laugh, and reminded me of a story. I was wearing a top today that’s not a maternity top, but has kind of an empire waist so it’s flowy at the bottom… I never wore it, cuz it always made me look kind of pregnant. I wore it today (and like you, I’m not even beginning to show) and someone asked me when I was due at the park. That shirt is going BACK in the closet for a couple months, but at least I could answer “yes” instead of “nope, just an unflattering top” lol!!! 🙂

  2. Feeling your baby move for the first time? Incredible! I describe it “as if a butterfly were fluttering inside”. I’m not sure your hubby can feel this very first movement around 4 mos. But soon…..
    Sorry Daddy!

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