Baby has a heartbeat!

We had an appointment today and were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time!  Wow!  What a touching moment.  Hearing the heartbeat just makes the pregnancy feel so much more real because it’s like actual proof that there is a living being inside of me!

We really like our doctor, but since I plan to have a natural birth, we told him that we would like to have a midwife as well.  We are lucky that the center where my doctor practices also employs two Certified Nurse Midwives, both of whom I have heard great things about.  Throughout the rest of the pregnancy, we will meet with our midwife and she will consult with the doctor if there are any complications or concerns.  She will be present during delivery, which is important to me because I feel more comfortable delivering naturally  knowing I will have the assistance of a midwife.

My decision to deliver naturally is not one that took a lot of consideration.  I really want to be able to feel the whole process and I have faith that my body was made for this and that it will do its job.  I am, however, flexible.  I understand that issues and complications can arise and I certainly won’t be opposed to talking about other options with the doctor if an issue comes up.  I am just hoping that everything goes as it should and that I can have a natural birth.

My husband and I are reading a book about the Bradley Method to prepare ourselves and we plan to take childbirth classes as well.

Any other preparation suggestions from moms who have delivered naturally?


4 thoughts on “Baby has a heartbeat!

  1. Nanci — I encourage you and Jacob to seek out a doula as well. If i wasn’t so far away, I’d volunteer, as I did it for years. =)

    The best advice I can give you for a natural birth is to stay relaxed and don’t fight your body. The natural reaction to discomfort or pain is to tense up. If you can learn to overcome that instinct, and it *can* be done, you’ll be fine. With your attitude, and Jacob’s support, I’m sure your birth will be the amazing experience you hope it will be.


  2. I delivered Tinley naturally and man was I glad I did it was the most amazing experience. There is no way to prepare for it I read so many books and way can u prepare for the pain,but the one thing that helped me the most is the pain only lasts about a min breathe through that one minute and then you get a brea. Stay focused don’t let things or people distract you.

  3. Nanci,
    I delivered both of my boys naturally and plan to deliver this baby naturally as well. It is an amazing experience and it is something you can do! You have to go into it thinking that there is not any other option though. If you go in saying, “I’ll see how it goes. If it hurts too bad, then I will get an epidural.” Guess what, you will end up with an epidural. It is worse pain than you have ever felt. The amazing thing is it is so temporary and as long as you educate yourself on all the stages of what is happening it will not seem as bad because you will know a little about what is happening with your body. When it is all over with, you will feel so empowered! There is no other experience like it in life. You will never regret the decision! I will be anxious to hear about your experience.
    FYI- I go to the birth and womens center in Topeka. You should really stop by there and visit. They are awesome there! They do not hook you up to ANY machines! No IV’s, no contraction machines, nothing. I have heard that they put some kind of a device inside you that had a small little wire that attaches to your babies head to monitor something when you are in the hospital… not sure but they don’t do that either. You are allowed to be in any position during delivery that you want. You can eat or labor in any way that makes you feel more comfortable. They are very encouraging. I love the way they allow you to set up your own birth plan and they follow it to a T. After having the baby, the baby never leaves your side! You and your husband are involved in the process of weighing and measuring the baby and I gave both boys their first bath with me in the tub. They allow you to videotape everything and take pictures of everything (if you are into that). It is an amazing place. If you live close to Topeka, I encourage you to take a look at it. Let me know if you have any questions.

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